Roofing Repair

Your roof is like the defense system that protects you against everyday weather hazards, including snow, hail, wind, rain, and heat.  However, at the same time, it is the most forgotten part of your house.

People rarely think about their roofs when it comes to renovating their homes. And that ultimately causes roof deterioration and damage. In other words, your roof makes the largest part of your house, but it is deprived of your care and attention. Your negligence is a primary cause of your roof’s poor condition. Like other areas of your house, your roof needs a regular inspection in order to sustain the temperature and climatic changes.

Here we have rounded up some information to help you determine whether your house roof needs repair, or at least a roofing inspection. And what physical or personal effects a damaged roof might have on you and your house.

How Do I Know If I Need Roof Repair?

Luckily, you do not need to wait for an accident to tell you that your house is in bad condition and that you need professional residential roofing. And a damaged roof is no exception.  All you need is to turn your gaze upward or look down if you climb up your roof. You can notice multiple roofing issues that might turn into potential ones if you do not fix them timely. 

Here are a few of the signs that tell you, you need roof repair:

Falling Shingles

Falling shingles, without a doubt, can be one of the signs that indicate the structural damages of your roof.  Improper installation, old age roof, and high winds are some of the factors that may cause shingles to fall. Missing shingles cannot only weaken the roof but also expose the house to severe damages.

Missing Granules

Spotting damaged shingles is easy if you are standing on the ground level.  Missing granules of the shingles are often the result of hail damage, defective shingles or aging shingles. If you think granules are not the important part of the shingles, you are mistaken.  Granules typically serve the following purposes:

  • Provides UV protection
  • Maintains aesthetic beauty
  • Provides fire resistance

 Missing granules can lead to damaged shingles; therefore, roof repair is essential.

Curled Shingles Edges or Tabs

Inspecting the slopes of your rooftop (that get the sunlight directly) is a good way to check the condition of your shingles.  If you find cupped shingles or notice curls in them, it is an indication that they have passed their life span.  It is worth noting here that cupped or curled shingles are fragile and can be cracked easily.   To prevent leakage and damage, it is important that you get it repaired as soon as possible.

In addition to these signs, wear and tear in the roof objects, peeling and blistering in paint, leakage and staining in the ceiling and sagging roof deck are some of the inevitable signs that your needs roof repair. Keep in mind, your residential roofing cost can go through the roof if you ignore the signs and postpone a repair.

What Tends To Damage the Roof

As mentioned earlier, defective roofs generate many unforeseen and significant expenses to homeowners. It is always better to know the major causes that tend to damage your roof.

·       Weather Conditions

Known for both destructive and nurturing, nature can be one of the causes of a damaged roof.  For example, UV rays gradually deteriorate the roof condition; especially if you have asphalt shingles.  It is hard to protect the sheathing if the roof is damaged.

·       Improper Installation

If your roofing contractor was inexperienced, that might result in improper roof installation. Improper roof installation affects roof stability, structure improvement, and decreases your property value.

·       Wind Damage

Strong gusts of wind hold power to affect the stability of your roof.  Regular inspections for roof damage are very important to prevent severe damages.

·       Ice Damage and Poor Maintenance

 Ice and snow can reduce the life expectancy of your roof.  It lifts flashing and shingles when refreeze and cause deterioration and corrosion. Similarly, poor maintenance is the reason for small leaks and other damages.

Health Concerns of a Damaged Roof

There is denying that damaged roof must be your highest priority when it is about roof maintenance. Not only does a damaged roof affects the physical structure of your house but also causes several health issues. If your roof has grown toxic mold due to its poor condition, it may cause:

  • Asthma
  • Skin and lungs infections
  • Throat and nasal problems
  • Congestion
  • Inflammation
  • Memory loss
  • Allergic reactions

In addition, the risk of fire hazards is also high when your roof condition is poor, and it has not been repaired for a long time.

Home Damage Due to Poor Roof Condition

A damaged roof can cause plenty of structural damages to your house if you ignore them for a long time. If your roof is properly constructed and installed, it may last for decades.  However, if it is not properly maintained or repaired timely, it may cause long-term damages to your house structure. For example, a leaky roof can lead to property deterioration.  Plus, it gradually weakens the roofing underlayment, beams, rafters, walls, and ceilings.

Not only this, when water leaks from the damaged roofing, it carries chemical residues and tannins.  These deposits are the major cause of discoloration of walls and wood. Drywall ceiling and corrosion damages the framework of the house.

Moreover, damaged roofs are fragile and can be broken easily with a powerful gust of wind. That is a potential threat for the residence inside. The seepage in the walls can cause numerous electrical problems. It tarnishes electrical wires and increases the risk of short-circuits. 

Get Your Roof Repaired Today to Be Safe Tomorrow

In a nutshell, your roof has a handful of tasks to do as it guards you against heat, shelters you from rain and protect you against cold. Hence, it is exposed to all kinds of harsh weather conditions just to save you.

However, it is very important to maintain its good condition by making timely roof repairs to lengthen its lifespan so that it will continue to protect you.