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My Roofing Advocate helps local residents to find affordable roofers to help roof their homes. These are qualified subcontractors who work with the major companies. These subcontractors will help roof your home for much less. If you are looking for roofing companies to re-roof your home, then give us a call.

Quality and commitment are the key qualities when it comes to defining our key attributes. My Roofing Advocate is a one of kind roofing advocate that helps homeowners find affordable roofing with superior customer service. My Roofing Advocate values its customers and understands how important their safety is for them.

We are the company with the experience people trust the most when choosing a roofing specialist. We have a team of expert foremen who ensure the great value and high integrity of the roofing system customer chooses to install.

St. Louis Roofers

This is not the only attribute that sets us apart from other roofing companies.  We are a trusted company who aim to help businesses and homeowners to find the best local roofers in St. Louis to solve their roofing-related issues.


Here is some basic roofing related question that many homeowners are often concerned about:

Why Choosing the Right Roofer is Important

There is no denying that roofing is one of the dangerous jobs in the world that require a good amount of skill sets, experience, and knowledge.  From the installation of a new roof to fixing leakage or mold repairs in the roof, you need trained eyes to make the lasting repairs. A damaged roof may cause some safety concerns if left unmonitored.

Choosing a roofing contractor who is experienced and efficient in terms of inspecting, assessing, and fixing the roofing problems is important to keep your house in good condition.


Take a look at this quick checklist to help you decide why we are the right choice for you:

·      Licensed Professionals

Why should you hire licensed professionals to deal with roofing issue is out of the question.

As mentioned earlier, a damaged roof can be dangerous for not only the health of your house but also your family.

Licensed professionals in this regard are certified trainers and are aware of a wide variety of roof types. My Roofing Advocate ensure to work with the roofers who have sound experience and professional expertise in the relevant field.

·      Experience

Experience is another vital characteristic of a professional roofer.  We make sure that the roofers we recommend to our clients have tons of experience in the roofing industry.

·      Quality Work

Price should never dictate the quality of work. Roofing requires quality craftsmanship to make durable repairs. All our roofing contractors excel in providing the highest quality roof replacements and repairs.

How much does Roofing Cost in St. Louis?

No matter where you live, replacing, installing or repairing a roof is not cheap. Whether it is in term of labor cost or material, building maintaining project may cost homeowner an arm. It happens particularly in case of unsuitable material or improper installation of the roof. It may end up costing homeowners more than upfront investment.

There are plenty of factors that influence the overall cost of roofing. Many of these factors vary, depending on the location and time.  That is what makes cost prediction difficult for roof repair or installation.

For major repairs and installation, the roofing cost in St. Louis from the reputable roofing companies will be around $12,000.

Because of these price factors, contractors and homeowners have flexibility to opt for cost-effective and thoughtful choices. If homeowners or businesses know these cost factors, they can significantly minimize the unnecessary cost of roofing repairs.

·      Material Costing

The cost of quality roof replacement or installation has the number of factors that influence it.  Different materials such as metal, wood, slate, steel or tile come with different standard of costs.  Besides this, slope, and pitch of a roof affect composition option.

Asphalt shingles, for instance, are some of the common choices of roof material, as they are easily available and have low-cost. The roof material is considered to have medium pitch. Shingles made of wood, however, have double price as compared to asphalt shingles and do not need a medium pitch to maintain drainage.

Challenges Homeowners face when looking for Roofing Specialists

Most of our clients struggle in finding trustworthy roofing professional a daunting task.  Following are the problems they commonly face.


  • Lack of local roofing referrals: finding a reputable roofing specialist from the local community is difficult when you live in a diverse city. A local roofer is aware of the codes and regulations of the city.
  • Inexperienced Roofer: most of our clients have been a victim at the hands of inexperienced roofers. The contractors they hired were not factory-certified and did not know suppliers and area crew.
  • Expenses: High roofing cost is another challenge that many clients face when they look for a roofing specialist. My Roofing Advocate tries its best to provide contractors who are not only expert but also have a low-end roofing maintenance cost.

Roof Repair in St. Louis

What are the Common Roofing Issues?

Austin is not an exception when it comes to listing roofing problems. The residents face several rood problems, just like another city that can be costly and damaging and requires structural repairs.


Let’s check out some of them;

  • Poor installation: improper roof installations are very common. As they have a relatively shorter life span, people have to bear with adhesion issues, leaks, wrinkles, and blisters.
  • Water damage: with 47 inches annual precipitation rate, St. Louis comparatively receives a good amount of rainfall. This is the reason why many houses suffer from seepage, molds, rots, and leaks.
  • Lack of maintenance: Regardless of what city you live in, lack of maintenance is possible one of the main causes of roof problems. Initially, it causes minor problems, but if you ignore them, they lead to costly damages.